Kupilka Eco Dishware

Inspired by a Magpie cup made in 1775, the Kupilka brand was founded in 2003, using a unique natural fibre composite developed in Finland. Since then, it's become a brand renowned for its commitment to ecological travel and classic Nordic design. Take a look at our range to upgrade your kit today!

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Kupilka: The Ultimate Adventurers Companion

Kupilka believes in creating eco-friendly dishware that can withstand the trials and tribulations of outdoor adventures. Their range of dishware for camping is the perfect combination of lightweight and durable.

The brand has taken
hundreds of years of cup-making heritage and poured it into all Kupilka products so they can be used at home or in the most extreme conditions when you're camping.

Everything in the range, from the Kupilka
cutlery set to tea cups and bowls, features a unique Nordic edge that makes them stylish and functional. 

The naturally lightweight set is perfect to bring along for a
long hike, you'll barely notice it! Some products even come with a handy string to attach to your pack or hang around your neck.

Eco Dishware That's Convenient & Easy to Clean

Some eco dishware products might be fragile and require hand washing only, but not Kupilka products! Kupilka has designed its products to withstand boiling hot water.

Not only is this ideal for proper sterilisation, but it also makes the
cups and bowls ideal for holding hot drinks and food without burning yourself.

To make Kupilka products even more convenient, they're
completely dishwasher-safe. Seasoned campers will know no matter how well you try to wash up during your trip, things always need washing properly when you get home. With products like the Kupilka cutlery set, you can simply pop them in the dishwasher. 

No more scrubbing dishes when you get back from an exhausting camping adventure!

Quality Camping Cutlery Sets from Kupilka

From the Kupilka Coffee Go Cup for drinks and the Kupilka Cutlery Set to the Kaarna M Service Tray, you've got everything you need to serve and present your food with vibrancy and style.

Of course, all of these products are also extremely light, durable and easy to clean – perfect for creating unforgettable outdoor memories.

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Can I Use Kupilka Products in Freezing Conditions?

Absolutely! Kupilka products are designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures down to -30 c. So, whether you're on a summer camping trip or an Arctic expedition, Kupilka will be by your side.

Is the Kupilka Range Suitable for Long Expeditions?

We can't think of a better range of dishware to pack for your long expeditions. Whether you're taking a full dinner set or sticking to just the essentials, Kupilka makes an incredibly light set that you'll barely notice in your pack. The products are also super easy to clean on the go, so you can use them for as long as you're away.

What is Kareline Made From?

Kareline is a natural fibre composite that is made from coniferous pulp and thermoplastic at a 50:50 ratio. This combination creates a material that is durable, ages well, and keeps it properties with use.

What Can I Do With My Kupilka Products at the End of Their Life Cycle?

Kupilka offers a couple of options for their products when they've come to the end of their life cycle, or you no longer need them. You can recycle the products with your local recycling centre, return them to Kupilka to be reused, or you can burn them for heat energy during one of your trips.