Vango Ultralight Heat Exchanger Cook Kit


The Vango Ultralight Heat Exchanger Cook Kit cooking system is extremely strong with a fast boil time due to its improved thermal efficiency. It comes with a lid, a can stand, two bowls and two pieces of cutlery which all fit into new small set with enough room to fit a 230g gas canister and Vango Atom Stove (sold separately)

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  • Total Weight
    Overall total weight of this product is: 0.387kg
  • Packsize
    Max packsize of: L18.5 x H14.0 x W18.5cm
  • Heat Exchanger Cooking System
    A new system which enables you to carry less fuel due to it’s increased efficiency, it has a faster …
  • Thermal Efficiency
    Improved thermal efficiency by 30% which reduces the boil time when cooking.
  • Hard Anodised
    Durable and easy to clean
  • Storage Bag
    For easy transportation


PACKSIZE L18.5 x H14.0 x W18.5cm
HEIGHT 15.5cm
LENGTH 13.8cm
WIDTH 13.8cm




Stove not included.


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