SOTO Field Hopper – Mini Pop-up Aluminium Table


SOTO Field Hopper – Mini Pop-up Aluminium Table.  This is an origami-style, uniquely engineered mini table with legs that easily pop out for use.

Ideal as a level surface on which to sit your SOTO stoves and pans while out and about.

Easy assembly.  The legs pop out with a single action, opening into a 29.7 x 21 x 7.8cm table.

In stock


  •  lightweight (only 395g)
  • Compact
  • Single action pop-up legs
  • A lip along edge prevents items from slipping off the table
  • Stow Bag included


Soto Outdoors

Dedicated to generating and integrating the “Blue Flame” in every flaming device conceived, SOTO’s engineers have devoted their lives to creating products that reach a maximum sustainable flame in the least possible amount of time. Devices that can be trusted to function in extreme cold and chilling winds. Every effort is made to provide the highest safety and technical standards at all phases of production, resulting in an enhanced outdoor experience for end-users of SOTO’s products. SOTO was introduced to the world market in 2010. Since then, SOTO has been awarded five coveted industry awards for their flaming devices. Today nearly half of the devices manufactured by Shinfuji are sparked by extreme weather conditions and hand-selected Japanese-made materials. Decades of experience, the highest safety and technical standards, and relentless inspections are behind every innovative SOTO flaming device.