Katadyn Active Carbon Bottle Adapter


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Bad-tasting or foul-smelling water is tough to swallow, literally. But hydration is life. This adapter with an activated carbon cartridge makes sure your wide mouth bottle is faithfully filled with clean, refreshing, crisp water – so pure-tasting and chemical-free you’ll want to drink even more. With a replaceable carbon insert, that’s no problem. Drink up!


Bottle and hose  Not included 

  • Bottle adapter with activated Carbon granules
  • Reduces chemicals and improves the taste and smell of drinking water
  • Service life: 200 Litres
  • Refillable, external activated Carbon cartridge for all filters with outlet hose (e. G. Katadyn pocket filter)
  • Ideal for Katadyn camp filters to fill large water canisters



The Swiss company Katadyn is the world’s Number One for individual water purification systems and products, with a global market share exceeding 50 percent. Katadyn has been developing water filters, chlorine and silver-based sterilizing agents, and mobile desalinators for the trekking and marine markets for over 80 years now. Numerous international relief organizations and special army units rely on the products of Katadyn for survival and life saving. Water treatment products are in high demand for outdoor enthusiasts, international travelers, relief groups, and preparedness minded individuals. Katadyn provides you with a water system for every need – including traveling, camping, backpacking, sailing, paddling, fishing, biking, etc. Katadyn's unique products provide safety and convenience for many user groups including the military, health organizations, and outdoor adventurers worldwide. No other water system provides higher quality or longer lasting performance.