Fire Maple 300T Hornet Micro Gas Stove (45g)


The Fire Maple Hornet 300T ultra-lightweight stove coming in at a tiny 45g and 2600w of power is the perfect companion to all of your adventures.

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Fire Maple 300T Hornet Micro Gas Stove

Fire Maples Lightest Foldable Stove

The 300-T is an award-winning incredibly light and small yet powerful stove ready for your outdoor adventures.

Its diminutive size folds up and fits into nearly any cookpot or kettle on the market.

The folding pot support arms hold securely to safely hold your cookware for safe and easy cooking.

Works out of the box with standard screw-top propane/butane / isobutane camping gas cylinders. (Not Included)

Can also be fitted with the Fire-maple LPG adapter to function with Coleman-style large propane gas cylinders. (Not Included)

The ability to quickly boil and sanitize water makes the 300-T an emergency preparedness kit essential.

Material: Titanium, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper

Weight: 45g

Power: 185g/h /2.6kW

Size: Unfolded 85 x 68mm

Folded 40 x 51mm


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Fire Maple are manufactures for high-quality but cost-effective camping and backpacking cookware producing lightweight gas camping stoves as well as complete cooking sets In 2003, The founder David Lv came upon a forest of red maple leaves, the vast beautiful orange and red landscape ignited the name Fire Maple. Fire Maple believes cooking in the great outdoors should be as easy and delicious as the indoors. Our line of camp cooking gear, is meticulously designed and well-priced to help you make fresh and healthy meals. We are passionate about food, cooking, eating and we believe they are all interconnected. Our connections to food are personal and collective, extending across histories, cultures and time. Our passion to cook has driven us to expect great meals in some of our favorite places and test our gear in the harshest environments, because of this, our camp cooking gear has been internationally recognized and awarded 3 times with best in class, Gold Medal Awards. So, make a meal, share it with a friend or a stranger, and turn the art of great cooking into your adventure lifestyle.
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