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Bushmen THERMO Blanket – Olive


  • Contents:  2 Tensioners, 2 mini-karabiners, and a transportation bag.
  • Uses include:  Poncho, Underblanket, Side Pocket, Picnic Blanket, Bivvi Cover and Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • Weight:  750g

Out Of Stock

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Bushmen THERMO Blanket – Olive is one of the most universal solutions providing protection against both cold and wet.  You can use it as a top blanket, underblanket or as a comfortable poncho. The heat-reflecting layer improves thermal insulation by around 30%.

The THERMO Blanket weighs only 750g.

This blanket is a waterproof and “breathable” polyester with a rip-stop weave.  This material and the fleece on the inside is covered with a silver heat-reflecting layer.  Thanks to the combination of insulation provided by the fleece and the heat-reflecting layer, the thermal insulation properties are about 30% greater than solutions without a layer that reflects heat radiation.

THERMO-Blanket™ has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 2m x 1.4m with 8 plastic loops on the corners and longer sides.  In the middle of the longer side, there is a comfortable hood, while the shorter sides are equipped with welts.


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