3FULGear Ultralight Carbon Stakes / Pegs (Sold Singles)


Carbon fiber stakes for professional UL hikers! Only half weight of the ordinary ground pegs.  It is strength is enough, but we recommend not to use it on hard ground surface

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Carbon Fiber Stakes is a great choice for soft terrain. These stakes are incredible light, one set of stakes can save at least 40g/1.4oz weight.

Made with a Carbon Fiber shaft with aluminium tip & cap, these stakes have the best holding power/weight ratio of any of the stakes.

Red metal cap to make them easy to find and easy to pull out of the ground.

Thicker than same-weight metal stakes which allows them to grip the ground better. A smooth surface makes them easy clean with leaves.

These are the only stakes that can be carried through airport X-ray scan security in our experience.


Weight:carbon 20cm/7.8″: 7.6g / 0.27oz

Body: Carbon fibre

Cap&tip: Aluminum alloy


6* Carbon fibre Stake

1* Storage bag


Ultralight carbon stakes should never be hammered or they could break or be damaged. Hold your one foot in both hands for stability, and step the stake into the ground.  If you meet hard terrain, please use rocks holding the stake above, and make it act as an anchor.

The carbon shafts are very rigid and cannot be bent. if they are stressed excessively they may  break. The metal tips which are bonded in place may come unglued. So it is a good idea to have a tiny tube of instant glue in your gear repair kit.



3F UL Gear UK

3F UL Gear,  for over 10 years, have been making some of the best hiking gear on the market.

They’re a brand that have learned a lot from tons of experience on the trails, and have taken feedback from hikers all over the world to improve the quality, durability and performance of their gear.

They believe that the best way to make gear is to actually use it in the field, and 3F UL Gear rigorously tests these out in some of the most challenging environments on Earth!

Whilst constantly improving  their products, they continue to strive to make them more affordable so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of ultralight hiking.

3F UL Gear is your trusted source for all your hiking needs, and at Wood To Water – we’re proud to offer some of the best hiking gear on the market!

Handcrafted Hiking Gear

3F UL Gear is a company that specialises in making backpacks and hiking tents.

All of their products are handmade by experienced craftsmen, in fact most of them have more than 20 years of experience in sewing backpacks and tents.!

With the help of computer modelling and laser cutting, they make tents and backpacks much more exquisite.

A Helping Hand

3F UL Gear is not only helping hikers all over the world, but also helping them.

They provide free food, commercial insurance and pension for each worker, so that they do not have to fear the future.

Furthermore, this is the reason why our products are so exquisite.

Wood To Water are immensely proud to support a brand that is determined to give every customer the best hiking experience possible.

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