3FulGear Tyvek Bivvy bag (with and with out zip)


3F UL GEAR Tyvek BIVY was originally designed to use a tent or canopy without an inner ledger.

It is light, breathable, limited waterproof, and can protect your sleeping bag from tent condensation to some extent.

It protects the sleeping bag from getting dirty.


When hiking, it can be frustrating to have your sleeping bag get wet with condensation from tent. Long distance hikers have probably experienced sleeping bags becoming uncomfortably warm due to moisture.

I was inspired by quilted sleeping bags and bivy, so I covered my sleeping bag with Tyvek fabric. It is lightweight, waterproof and breathable. The feet are fully enclosed to better protect the feet of the sleeping bag . The upper part is open design and only needs to be covered on the sleeping bag. I found that it promotes insulation in your sleeping system.

However, the Tyevk has limited waterproofing and it is not recommended to use it without a shelter. For winter camping, you can leave the mesh at home. Bring the Tyvek bivy and you will find that the tent becomes larger.

Type Weight Dimension Packed size
No Zip Type A(Quilt) 135g/4.76oz 180cm*145cm / 70.8″* 57.09″ 16cm* 8.5cm/6.30″ *3.35″
With Zip Type B(Mummy) 200g/7.05oz 230cm*90cm/90.55″* 35.43″ 16cm* 8.5cm/6.30″ *3.35″


Colour: White


1*Tyvek Bivy, 1*Compression sack

NOTICE: Cleaning with water, don’t use any detergent.

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