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Best 1 Man Tents for All Camping Trips

The best 1 man tent depends on the type of camping expeditions you want to embark on. There are plenty of tents to choose from.

From lightweight tents to backpacking tents, there's a product to suit your outdoor adventures!

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking tents are perfect for wild camping trips and camping solo. These tents are designed to be lightweight to make carrying them easier for a solo camper or the person carrying the kit to ensure a low weight.

They're also an ideal choice if you need to keep your hands free for trekking poles when tackling wild country hikes.

Pyramid Tents

While backpacking tents are perfect for campers who don't mind trading living space for low weight, you can also keep things lightweight with pyramid tents.

These tents offer slightly more internal space while still being lightweight. Pyramid tents often come with more set-up options and good protection from high winds, which makes them suitable for various types of camping.

Whether you're looking for an ultralight tent for camping solo, or you want a tent that'll offer full protection from high winds and weather conditions, we have the one-person tent for you. Our range of tents features quality materials and innovative designs to make your ultralight shelter feel like a home from home.

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Are 1 Person Tents Worth It?

One person tents are definitely worth it - if you're going on the right sort of camping trip. If you're camping with your family, a 1 person tent isn't likely to be big enough (obviously).

However, if you're solo camping, a 1 person tent can be an ideal choice. They're small enough and lightweight enough to carry with ease. Plus, they're easy to pitch by yourself without large sheets of fabric blowing around.

What is the Best Tent Size for One Person?

This answer really depends on how much stuff you have to keep in your tent with you.

Ultimately, a 1 person tent is ideal for a solo camper. With that being said, they often aren't too spacious, so you need to make sure you have somewhere else to store your stuff overnight.

What Should I Look for in a 1 Man Tent?

The things you need from a 1 person tent will depend on when and where you are camping. For example, if you're going to be wild camping, you'll need to consider the weather conditions your tent will be exposed to.

If you need weather protection from your tent, you need a tent with an aerodynamic profile that's flush to the floor. These tend to be heavier and expensive. If you aren't going to encounter adverse weather, a tent with a skeletal pole structure can be a better choice, offering more room and remaining lightweight.

Are Guy Lines Necessary for a 1 Person Tent?

Guy lines can be an inconvenience when camping, especially if you're moving around the exterior of your tent. However, even with a small, ultralight tent, they serve an important purpose.

You might feel that guy ropes are unnecessary accessories when your body takes up the majority of the tent to keep it grounded. However, guy ropes help the tent to keep its shape and structure when exposed to weather conditions such as high winds, and they also help the rain flaps to work effectively.