Camping Tools, Knives, Axes, Saws & Pliers

Here at Wood To Water, we have a large collection of knives and tools perfect for wild campers. Each of our tools is designed specifically for camping and can handle the wilderness of any adventure. Whether you need an axe, a simple knife or even a saw, we have the perfect tool for you. Read More >>

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Essential Camping Tools & Accessories

To make your camping experience a breeze, you should have a collection of essential camping tools on hand. Luckily, we have just about everything you need!

From camping knives and saws to fire making equipment and much more, you’ll find a fantastic range right here.

Camping Pocket Knives

When you're creating kindling, you need a small knife such as a pocket knife or a Swiss army knife.

Pocket knives are camping essentials, as they can be used in almost all situations. We have a great selection of knives for you to choose from, so no matter the price range, you'll be sure to find something you like.

Axe for Camping

If you're chopping wood from the local forests, you need an axe that can handle the wood.

The best type of axe to cut down small trees is a single-handed light axe. These are great at cutting down birch trees, which are commonplace in the UK. Of course, before you cut down any tree, make sure you have permission from the local authorities first.

Here at Wood To Water, we have a large collection of single-handed light axes exactly for this purpose. For example, this axe by Whitby is light, has a good grip, and has a hex wrench built into its shape so that it can be used as a multi-tool!

Knife Sharpeners

Knife sharpeners are an important part of your camping collection

They’re used to keep your tools sharp, preventing them from becoming too worn as the years go on. Ideally, you should sharpen your knives after every camping trip.

Good sharpeners are also family-friendly. They have safety features, so you can feel safe even if young teens use the tool.

Shop all your essential camping tools and accessories right here at Wood To Water!


What Knives Can You Take Camping?

The best camping knives are fire-starting, blade-coated, and pocket knives. Fire-starting knives can act like a fire starter, so you don't need flint and steel. Blade-coated knives have an additional coating over the blade, which makes them more durable. Lastly, pocket knives are easy to carry and can fit in your pocket!

Can I Take A Knife Camping In The UK?

It is illegal to carry a knife in the UK unless you fall under these two categories:

  • You have a good and reasonable reason.
  • It's foldable, and the blade is smaller than 3 inches long.

If you cannot confirm both categories, then carrying that knife is illegal in public. Knowing this, you can figure out if your knife is legal. Backpackers should keep this in mind to avoid unlawful behaviour.

Is It Legal To Carry An Axe In The UK?

You can only carry an axe if you are on private property. This means camping on private land. When carrying that axe, it must be kept in your backpack or vehicle.

It cannot be carried on your belt. We have tailed this answer to camping equipment, but it also applies to non-camping gear. For example, if you require a longer knife than the ones we have mentioned, you need to have permission from the private land. You cannot carry it on public land.

Can You Use A Knife To Fix Your Tent?

Yes! If you use your knife and duct tape, you can fix most things. These two items should be in your emergency kits for this reason. Even premium tents can be mended in this fashion. Because duct tape cannot be torn easily, you need a knife to cut through the material. When cut, place it over the hole or use it to tape two pieces together.