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Solid Fuel Stoves

Our range of outdoor Cookers is perfect for solid fuels, like wood or tablets! Solid fuel stoves are an excellent way to cook food when you’re camping, backpacking, or away from the comfort of your kitchen. Shop the best multi-fuel stoves right here! Read More

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Solid Fuel Stoves For Camping

Solid fuel stoves are a great way to be able to cook food when you’re out camping, backpacking and enjoying the outdoors.


Fuel your stoves up with solid fuels like wood, smokeless coal, charcoal and tablets for an efficient and convenient way to cook food. A large selection of our solid fuel stoves is multi-fuel, so you can choose the fuel that is most suitable for your outdoor culinary needs.


Our range of solid fuel stoves is made with cast iron or titanium, like the BE Bushbox Outdoor Stove, which has multi-fuel capabilities so you can customise your cooking experience to include liquid or even smokeless fuels.


Our solid fuel stoves are compact and lightweight, so they are easy to carry with you when travelling or camping. We also have some larger designs for family-style cooking.



Are Wood-Burning Or Multi-Fuel Cookers Better?Both wood burning and multifuel stoves have similar heat output and efficiency levels as well as a similar price range. You might prefer a wood-burning stove for cooking certain meals, like using beech wood to add flavour to your food. Or, if you want to switch between files, then a multi-fuel stove is obviously the better option. Shop our range above with your preferences in mind to find a solid-fuel stove suited to you.
Can You Burn A Multi-Fuel Stove Overnight?Whenever you are burning wood or other types of fuel, you should always be aware that you need to keep an eye on the fire, and make sure it is extinguished before leaving it. You can definitely keep your multi-fuel stove on overnight as long as you are using it for cooking and always have an eye on it.
What Is A Trangia Style Liquid Fuel Cooker?A Trangia-style liquid fuel cooker is a type of liquid fuel burner. It is made up of two components – the stove and a spirit burner. The spirit burns inside the stove and can be used for boiling, simmering and roasting. A lot of our solid fuel stoves are multi-fuel, such as the Be Bushbox, and are compatible with Trignia burning for eco-friendly cooking.
What Are The Advantages Of A Solid-Fuel Stove?The number one advantage of a solid fuel stove is its low running cost. Stoves such as wood-burning stoves offer renewable energy at a low price, offering money-friendly options for your camping trips. Some wood burns slowly over a long period of time, so this is great for fuel efficiency.
How Do You Use A Solid-Fuel Stove?Solid fuel stoves are easy to use, assemble and lightweight. Check out our camping blog for further information and our best solid-fuel stove picks!