Carrying Equipment

Whether you’re taking a quick trip or a week-long hike, you need backpacking gear that works for you. The tools you carry should match your needs, not weigh you down. Here you can find all the equipment you need without overpacking your bags! Read More

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The Best Camp Bags 

No matter the trip, your best friend will be your camping bags. Choose the right one, and all your equipment will be easy-to-reach without weighing you down. 

Here at Wood To Water, we offer a fantastic range of camping bags from top camping brands. To name a few…

3F UL Gear Camping Bags

3F UL Gear,  for over ten years, has been making some of the best hiking gear on the market.

Used by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, their camping backpack range is designed for durability above all else. These backpacks will stay dry and tear-free, so adventures filled with stormy weather or tight mountainous terrain won't come with baggage worries.

3F UL Gear rigorously tests its designs, so your camping trip can be as stress-free as possible. While constantly improving their products, they strive to make them more affordable so everyone can enjoy the benefits of ultralight hiking.

Highlander Camping Bags

Highlander has been around since the 1980s, and they have become a family favourite. This brand makes sure that your adventures are as comfortable as possible. 

Each camp bag contains a cushioned arm strap, helping you ignore the belongings you're carrying with you. You'll feel like you're holding nothing at all!

Highlander sells its products in a range of colours too! You'll have more options than a "grey" when you pick Highlander.

DD Hammocks Carrying Equipment

DD Hammocks takes a new approach to camping bags. They create hammocks, which are perfect for Instagrammable moments and light travel. 

If you want a spacious backpack and don't need a roof over your head, then use DD Hammocks camping essentials. Their "backpacks" are just as compact. 

Instead of the classic backpack style, you'll end up with a shoulder bag. This makes weight distribution easier to manage when your climbing up steep terrain.

Shop Wood To Water’s range of camping carrying equipment today!


What is the Best Way to Pack for Camping?

First, pack your heavy items, like dry clothing. This will keep your centre of gravity low. Then pack your bulky items, such as your sleeping back and tent. These aren't as heavy but take up a lot of space. Your food and personal items should come next so you can reach them quickly and easily.

Try on your camping bag; if your items feel lopsided, rearrange them until you feel balanced.

What Sized Rucksack Should I Use for Overnight Camping?

If you're only staying overnight, stick to a 65-litre bag or less. This can carry your tent without making your journey heavy. Packing light is better than overpacking, especially for such a short trip. If your tent is small, you could even opt for a 35-litre bag instead.

Measure the size of your tent first, and pick a bag which can hold it. The smaller the bag, the better.

What is the Most Important Item for Camping?

Food and water are the most important items you need for camping. Your camping bag could contain all the gadgets in the world, but if you don't have enough food and water, then you could enter dangerous territory.

Ideally, you should have enough food and water to double your trip, so if you get lost or stuck, you have enough nutrients to support you until help arrives.

Should Sleeping Bags Be Stuffed or Rolled?

Surprisingly, most sleeping bags are designed to be stuffed back into their bags - not rolled. The stuffing process allows all the air to escape the bag, while rolling puts the bag into an awkward position that might not fit.

It's all about air and space. Make sure the air escapes the bag so you have more room!