Walking Gaiters

Our range of gaiters for walking includes comfortable and durable designs from Highlander. We have a great choice of sizes and colours available, making it easy for you to pick the best gaiter for your outdoor activities. Shop the range today and keep your outdoor adventures going.

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Hiking Gaiters from Highlander

We have a selection of hiking gaiters perfect for protecting your trousers and keeping your legs dry while trekking in muddy or wet conditions.

Whether you're embarking on multi-day hiking trips or want to be more comfortable when walking in the rain, you can't go wrong with these high-quality walking gaiters from Highlander. They’re made with water-resistant Ab-Tex material, designed to withstand various weather conditions and keep your feet dry and protected.

Our Top-Rated Lightweight & Waterproof Gaiters

Hiking is an outdoor activity that exposes you to multiple weather conditions and terrain, so having a pair of gaiters in your bag can save your feet and legs from mud and other debris.

The Highlander Glencoe Gaiters are an ideal choice for outdoors enthusiasts who need optimal protection. These gaiters are waterproof, breathable and lightweight, which is everything you need for a comfortable and protective pair.

The velcro closure, drawstring cord, and elasticated calf make these walking gaiters secure and comfortable for all leg sizes. The Hypalon underfoot strap helps prevent the gaiter from riding up as you walk. With a reflective band around the top, you can be sure you're safe and visible in all conditions.

We also highly rate the Highlander Walking Gaiters as one of our top choices. These gaiters are also waterproof, breathable, and feature an elasticated calf for a snug fit.

The front zip makes them super easy to put on and take off, while the adjustable underfoot strap ensures they stay in place.

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Whether you’re headed out on a camping trip, hiking trail or any other mucky outdoor adventure, our waterproof gaiters will keep you dry and protected.

Take your pick and order yours today.

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Why Should You Wear Gaiters When Walking?

Gaiters are the perfect piece of kit to keep you dry and comfortable while you're walking. Whether you're heading out for a relaxing countryside stroll or you're mid-way through a multi-day hike, gaiters can keep you protected from less-than-ideal conditions. Not only are hiking gaiters waterproof, but they also feature insulation to keep you warm in all weather.

Can the Highlander Glencoe Gaiters Fit All Leg Sizes?

Generally, yes. The Highlander Glencoe Gaiters are available in two sizes (S/M and M/L), which gives you more options in regards to the fit of the gaiters. The elasticated calf and drawstring band also help make these gaiters more versatile for a range of leg sizes.

Do Gaiters Prevent Ticks?

If worn correctly, gaiters can help to prevent ticks from crawling up your legs. Make sure that you properly secure the underfoot strap around the bottom of your boots or shoes, and use the drawstring to tighten the gaiters around your calf. We also recommend wearing long, thick socks and walking trousers tucked into your boots for added protection against ticks.

How Does the Underfoot Strap on Gaiters Work?

The underfoot strap in gaiters, also known as the instep strap, is a key component in keeping your gaiters securely in place. These handy straps go under your boots, creating a loop that stops the gaiter from riding up as you walk, hike, or climb. They are typically made from durable materials to withstand the rugged conditions of outdoor terrains.