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Powerbanks For Camping

Shop our range of chargers and powerbanks for camping to keep all your electrical gear charged up in the great outdoors!

Choose from our great range of jump starters, solar panel chargers and more to keep your electronics always powered and ready to go. Whether you're camping, trekking or just on a long adventure, our range of chargers and powerbanks will make sure you're never without juice.

The Redstart 50 Jumpstarter gives you enough portable power to jumpstart 12V vehicles and support 5V of devices – perfect for when you need a quick boost of power! 

Plus, our solar panel banks are an ideal way to up your power output for those longer camping trips. Whatever your power needs, you can find the perfect portable charger for camping with our range.

Browse our power banks today to find a power source to support all your camping needs and create an outdoor home from home.


Are powerbanks good for camping? Definitely! Having a powerbank on hand is essential for keeping your electrical gear charged up out in the wilderness. You can use them to charge your phone, tablets, cameras and more, so you're never without power.
How do I choose a powerbank for camping? It's important to look at the voltage output to make sure it's compatible with your equipment and you're getting the power you need. The capacity is also a really important element – you don't want to be buying a powerbank that only holds enough power to charge your devices for a couple of hours. Look for a powerbank that holds enough charge to keep your gear going all day, or longer!
What is the difference between a power bank and a portable charger? Powerbanks are essentially portable chargers – they hold a charge and can be used to power or recharge electronic devices.
How long does a powerbank for camping last? A power bank for camping can last a few days, depending on usage and the amount of devices being powered up. Utilising a power pack such as the Power Traveller with separate solar panels, you can provide yourself with renewable energy and always keep yourself topped up. .