10,000 years ago a strong tribe of people inhabited the mysterious fjords at the south end of the world, a stone’s throw away from Antarctica. Making the harsh and bitterly cold climate of Patagonia home, the Selk’Nam people were a nomadic and hunter tribe known for surviving their hostile environment with impressive hardiness, adaptability, and scant clothing.

They were the original adventurers of South America, making home wherever their adventures took them.

These people inspired something special in us: a spirit and energy that motivated us to create this unique, cozy, and warm piece of gear so you can use it on the go or at rest – wherever adventure takes you next.


A Selk’bag is a wearable, form-fit sleeping bag that provides fun, comfort and mobility, with colors and styles to reflect your unique personality.

Selk’bag has a rich history of innovation, technical proficiency, and design excellence, gaining worldwide recognition from its creation in 2009 through today. Our fandom tribe love the comfort, warmth and versatility of the Selk’bag and how it allows them to experience these qualities virtually anywhere, awake or asleep.


At Selk’bag, we are all about supporting your next adventure – whether that’s a video game tournament from your couch, recovering from an athletic endeavor, or a journey to a new, unseen, part of the world. Adventure is what you make it; we’re here to make it even better.

We’ve developed our business practices to foster respect for the outdoors, our environment and each other. We get so much love and appreciation for the Selk’bag every day, from around the world, from people just like you, and we love to give back.

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