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What makes camping books such an essential read?


If you are planning to head outdoors on a camping trip, you will naturally be focused on getting your kit in order and buying the supplies you need. One thing to seriously consider buying is some books on camping and survival. There are some great titles out there and they really are worth looking into further. But what exactly makes books on camping such an essential read?

Can teach you new skills

One of the main reasons to dive into camping books and literature is the new bushcraft skills they can teach you. It is often useful to do this before you set off on your trip. This allows you to pick up key camping knowledge in advance and sees you well prepared to enjoy your adventure. Whether it is how to build a fire, how to cook in the wild or what kit to take, this is a valuable exercise. While this is naturally very helpful for new campers, even more experienced ones can pick up new tips from books.

Can help to keep you safe

Reading books on camping can also help keep you safer while outdoors. This is because many will contain essential survival tips and information on how to stay safe while camping. This may not be knowledge you already know and so could come in very handy if any accidents or injuries occur. Knowing how to react to getting lost for example or how to use a knife safely is important. Reading the right literature can help arm you with this knowledge.

Something to pass the time with

Of course, literature on camping is also fun and a pleasure to leaf through. This makes it the ideal thing to pass the time within your tent at night or when resting in the day. Paperback books do not weigh much, do not need electricity to work and do not take up too much room – this makes them the ideal thing to pack in your rucksack.

Top camping and survival books at Wood to Water

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