X-fire Lightweight Solid Fuel Stove


Brought to you by the same guys who made the X-Boil! The lightweight solid fuel stove folds Flat and is perfect to use with wood/charcoal or even a Spirit burner 

The Standard Version comes all complete in a Folder Keeping All parts Safe and in one pack
Ultralight comes in a tube 

Xboil xfire 4

X-Fire 14 UL is rolled, X-Fire 14 and X-Fire 19 are transported flat packed.
Scope of delivery:
Each X-Fire comes with 2 universal skewers
X-Fire 14 UL … a plastic cover so that it can be transported rolled up is included
X-Fire 14+19 … a black zipper bag is included

Attention: The grill grate is a purchased part and not made in Germany


Fuels for the X-Fire:


Dry wood
Spirit in the spirit burner
(When operating with charcoal or spirit, the base plate is locked at the middle height)

Xfire 1
Xfire 2

Additional information

X-Fire Model

X-Fire 14 UL, X-Fire 14 STD, X-Fire 19 STD, X-Fire Pan Cross 14, X-Fire Pan Cross 19, X-Fire Gril Grate


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