UST Hi Vis Waypoint Map Compass


Find your way with our Hi Vis Waypoint Map Compass. This compass is sure to navigate you to your destination.

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Keep yourself on track with the handy UST Hi Vis Waypoint Compass, featuring a durable, fluorescent green baseplate with a high-quality, liquid-filled compass and adjustable marching line. It has a magnifier for easy map reading and multiple measuring scales for precise route planning (inch, metric, and 1:25,000 scales).

Hi Vis™ Waypoint Map Compass Features
    Multiple measuring scales for precise route planning
    Lightweight, compact map compass for hiking, orienteering, scouting, wilderness survival, boating, and more
    Easy-to-read liquid-filled compass and adjustable marching line
    Fluorescent green base plate enhances contrast to improve map reading
    Magnifier for easy map reading; inch, metric, and 1:25,000 scales for precise route planning
    Break-away lanyard included




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