True Utility Cashstash + (Keyring)


The CashStash+ ensures you never go without cash in an emergency.

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The CashStash+ ensures you never go without cash in an emergency. Using a similar design to the CashStash, the + is a small and light design. Carry it with you at all times by simply attaching it to your key ring.

The cleverly constructed aircraft-grade aluminium capsule will make sure you’re covered if you’re stuck with no other options. The discreet stainless steel CashClip hold one note of any denomination around it. Designed with a neoprene ‘O’ ring, CashStash+ is completely waterproof making sure the note you store inside it is as good coming out as it was when you put it in.


True Utility

As an avid traveller Lee Berman had converted a 45 seater vintage bus into a mobile hostel, fitted with seats that folded into beds and fully equipped with all manner of camping essentials. It was his very own massive multi-tool on wheels! But this mobile setup was too cumbersome for his growing minimalist tastes. He parked up the bus and set off on foot with only a backpack… Soon this also proved to be too bulky, and he shed this too, choosing to simply wrap a change of clothes, a notebook and a pen knife inside a sleeping bag that he’d slung over his shoulder tied with a belt. Living light with just the bare essentials was a liberating and joyful feeling. “Make sure you’re prepared, but not by carrying too much”. A combination of ingenuity and a passion for all things small and multi-use has driven Lee to develop products that are as small and useful as possible.
true ultility