Trangia Stove 25-6 UL Ultra Light with Kettle


The Trangia 25-6 Stove is a 3-4 person stove, ideal for Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh groups or lightweight campers, needing to combine their stove and pan sets into one handy piece of equipment. The Trangia 25-6 has a non-stick pan set, with two pans, and a non-stick frying pan. Further to this the set contains a kettle, and a simmering ring, which allows for cooking with methylated spirits.

  • Contains Kettle
  • Contains 2 non-stick pans
  • Contains 1 non-stick frying pan.

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TRANGIA STOVE 25 LARGE is our larger stove, perfect for 3-4 people. All our stoves in series 25 include two saucepans sized 1.75 and 1.5 litres, a frying pan, a windshield (upper and lower part), a burner, a handle and a strap. Kettle 0.9 litres is included depending on the model, and you can choose between a spirit or a gas burner.
The collection includes several complete combinations with different materials in the windshield and different combinations of materials in pots and frying pans

THE WEIGHT of each stove set varies and is most significantly affected by your choice to include a kettle or gas burner.

THE DIMENSIONS of all stoves 25 Large are the same: when packed away they are 22 cm in diameter and 10.5 cm high.

ACCESSORIES Trangia stove 25 sets can be complemented with pots and pans made from various materials, cases, multi-disc, and several other practical accessories.

25-6 UL (ultralight aluminium)



Weight (g) 1085 g
Size (people) 3-4
Windshield UL
Pot inner 1.5 L NS
Pot outer 1.75 L NS
Frypan (Ø) 220 mm NS
Kettle Yes
Handle Yes
Strap 68 cm
Burner SB / Spirit Burner
Fuel Spirit
Effect (w) 1000
Made in Sweden


The Trangia stove has been a popular choice for outdoor cooks for many years, thanks to its simple, durable and stormproof design. Whether you're cooking in the countryside or your own backyard, the Trangia stove is built to last a lifetime or three. That's the quality we guarantee. When you're gathered around the Trangia stove, cooking up a delicious meal, surrounded by the people and things you love, that's what we mean by Trangia moment. Read More