Trangia Spirit Burner


Spirit burner for alcohol-based fuels. Easy to use due to its simple construction. Suitable for families, hikers, scouting groups and others who want to have a simple and functional burner.

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Spirit burner for alcohol-based fuels. Easy to use due to its simple construction, has no loose parts that can break and are maintenance-free. The simmering ring regulates the heat and is used to save fuel or to extinguish the flame.

Works in all weather conditions. In severe cold, from about +5C a Winter attachment  with Preheater can be used which makes it bloom faster and gives a better effect (artno 500021)

The burner is made from brass and the wick inside is made from 100% cotton. A yellow bag is included.

Use alcohol-based fuel only. Never use gasoline or other petroleum-based fuels as this may result in serious injury and damage to the wick inside the burner.

The name of suitable spirit fuel varies around the world. For more info please read the instructions and see the list of suitable fuels, fuel list. Fuel consumption:
One filling 100 ml (max. 2/3 of its maximum volume) will burn for approx. 25 min. Boils 1 litre of water in 10 min (this varies according to weather and quality of fuel).

Output: 1000 w/ 3500 btu

The spirit burner can be used in:
• All Trangia stoves 25 Large + 27 Small
• Trangia Triangel ( 400333)
• Open spirit stove ( 100230)
• Mini Trangia ( 100285)



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