Trangia Gas Burner for 25/27 Sets Conversion unit


The Trangia  gas burner is easy to use, has a fast cooking time and keeps the pans soot free. Suits many users and different types of outdoor life. Easy to use and efficient during the spring,summer and autumn.

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Gas burner with cover (Primus system)
Trangia Gas burner runs with gas cartridges with Propane/Butane mixture. The valve is international standard, EN417 threaded valves (7/16 NS Lindal Valve). These cartridges are available in most countries around the world. Gas is a clean fuel with a high energy level. Running your stove on Gas does not demand any priming or pumping and it will not leave any soot or smell.

There are many cartridges of different brands available on the market. The quality of the cartridge and filling may vary. For cold temperatures, we can recommend Winter Gas which makes the gas burner to work effectively down to -22° C. Well known brands of high-quality gas cartridges are for example Primus, MSR, Optimus & Jet boil

→ For trouble-free use of the gas burner, read the instructions provided. There you will also find advice on cleaning and care. From the start, you should regularly open your burner for maintenance. This prevents the threaded flame spreader from sticking and keeps the nozzle and fuel line clean and open ←

Gas cartridge with Propane/Butane, EN417 threaded valve

Fuel consumption:
Gas consumption: 150 g/h on full power. A gas canister of 230 g will burn 1.5 hrs on full power. It boils 1 L of water in 3.5 min (varies depending on weather and fuel quality).

Jet size: 0.37 mm
Output: 2100 w/ 6700 btu

The Gas burner can be used in:
• All Trangia stoves 25 Large + 27 Small
• Trangia Triangel ( 400333)
• Open spirit stove ( 100230)



The Trangia stove has been a popular choice for outdoor cooks for many years, thanks to its simple, durable and stormproof design.

Whether you’re cooking in the countryside or your own backyard, the Trangia stove is built to last a lifetime or three. That’s the quality we guarantee.

When you’re gathered around the Trangia stove, cooking up a delicious meal, surrounded by the people and things you love, that’s what we mean by Trangia moment.

So whether you’re an experienced outdoorsman or a weekend camper, make sure you have a Trangia stove with you on your next adventure!

The Complete Cooking System

The Trangia cooking system is the perfect way to enjoy great food while camping, hiking or backpacking. Most stove systems include a stove, pot, pan and windshield, all made from durable stainless steel.

Trangia stoves use an alcohol burner for fuel, which is easy to find and use. Just add some denatured alcohol to the burner and light it with a match.

Wil campers find them very easy to use too! Just set it up on any level surface, add your fuel and light it. Then put your pot or pan on top of the stove and start cooking.

These camping stoves are highly efficient, it will boil a liter of water in about three minutes! And because the stove is so easy to use, it’s perfect for anyone, from experienced campers to first-time hikers.

So why not give the Trangia stove a try on your next camping trip? You’re sure to enjoy the experience!

Triangas Mess Tins

The humble mess tin was created in the late 19th century as a way for soldiers to cook and eat while on the march.

The mess tin was usually made from aluminum, which was lightweight and easy to clean. Made up of two compartments, one for cooking and one for eating. The soldier would  cook his food in the bottom compartment and then eat it from the plate that came with the lid.

Mess tins are still an essential piece of kit for many soldiers and campers today. And the Trangia mess tin is one of the best on the market.

The Trangias aluminium mess tins are available in two sizes and with or without a handle, making them versatile storage tins for food.

They can be used in an oven, or over a direct heat source, such as on the Open Spirit stove 23 or Trangia Triangle, to both reheat or cook food from scratch.

Mess tins are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more interesting accessories being developed for them, with Trangia leading the way!

Check out the Trangia range of cooking systems, fuel, pans and accessories below.