SOTO Navigator Frying Pan


  • Non-Stick Aluminium
  • Lightweight and high thermal conductivity
  • Stows on the lid of the Navigator Cook Set (sold separately)
  • Diameter:  18cm
  • Weight:  110g

In stock

SOTO Navi Duo Pot Gripper

SOTO’s Navi Duo Gripper can be used as both a handle and tongs and has been designed to use with the Navigator Cook Set (SOD-501).

SOTO Navigator Frying Pan, for use on its own or with the Navigator Cook Set.

This 18cm non-stick aluminium frying pan  fits neatly on the Navigator Cook Set (available separately).

PLEASE NOTE:  Metal utensils (including titanium) will scratch the non-stick coating therefore you should only use plastic or wooden utensils with this item.


Gripper not included

Frying Pan only

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Soto Outdoors Famous for outdoor stoves, cookware and lanterns, SOTO Outdoors has created amazing 'blue flame' camping products since 1978. With a passion for innovation, SOTO continues to create new products that make outdoor cooking easier, more convenient and more fun! Whether you're tent camping with family and friends, or backpacking in the wilderness, Soto has the perfect gear to make your next outdoor adventure more enjoyable.

SOTO Flaming Devices

At its heart, SOTO provided a solution to the problem of burners taking around 2 to 3 minutes to preheat. This 'wait time' was reduced to just 15 seconds in normal conditions and 20-30 in extreme weather, leading to SOTO being crowned the 'Fastest Lighting Stove' in the world. This technology was achieved by SOTO's engineers developing a 'valve-controlled preheating system'. SOTO's engineers also looked at the entire stove and how to make it more stable, durable and easy to use. The result was the SOTO Micro Regulator. SOTO has also developed a range of canister stoves that Wood To Water is proud to stock, including backpack stoves, canisters and fuel bottles.
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