Razor Edge Combi Gouge Carving Kit – 10 Piece Wood Carving Gift Set


Great for a gift or personal use full set of razor edge carving tools perfect for that bushcraft project or some thing to keep you entertained.

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This kit includes:
*CWH-3 walnut handle 3.75″ long with a three-way solid brass jaw chucking system(holds large and small blades as well as our interchangeable chisels and gouges).

Three large heavy duty blades(made from high carbon tool steel double tempered & hardened to Rockwell 60 C-scale):
*LS1(1/2″ x 3″ x .050″),
*LS4(1/2″ x 3″ x .050″) and
*LK5(1/2″ x 3″ x .050″ thick)

6 custom forged chisels:
*LBG #7 sweep 5/16″ long bent gouge,
*PTV-1 75 degree V 1/4″, *PTV-2 60 degree V 1/8″,
*STG #9 sweep straight shank gouge 1/4″,
*STC straight chisel. 3/8″,
*SKU #2 Skew chisel 3/8″
*SBG #9 sweep short bent gouge 1/4″

Also included: *Tool chest that features a vinyl covered steel box with piano hinges and custom formed inserts to make sure all tools are a snug fit.



Razor Edge