Petromax Spoon made of olive wood


Perfect for enjoying soups, stews and bowl food

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What makes the Petromax Spoon made of olive wood individual, personal and practical for on the go:
• 6 ml tablespoon for the right portion of adventure
• Made in Germany: conserves resources and hand-made
• Food-safe and highly durable due to oil wax finish
• Practical leather loop to hang it by
• Every olive wood spoon is a one-off

The individual tablespoon in olive wood
The Petromax Spoon made of olive wood is the ideal cooking companion on all your adventures. This tablespoon can hold 6 ml of liquid and is therefore suitable for all types of dishes – from a hearty soup to beans for breakfast. When stirring small items of bushcraft cookware such as the ft1 Dutch Oven or the small Wrought-Iron Pan the valuable patina remains intact. The natural material protects your hand from the heat so you can enjoy a fortifying meal by any outdoor fireplace. As the most classic of all eating implements, the individual olive wood spoon from Petromax looks striking with a branded logo and lettering. The tablespoon made of olive wood is part of a practical, visually stunning product range that is perfect for the present time.

What makes your olive wood spoon so unique
Petromax olive wood items are hand-made in Germany from the wood of the Olea europaea tree. The olive trees are only felled when they can no longer be harvested from. This enables sustainable use to be made of the trees in a way that conserves resources. Thanks to the oil wax finish, your olive wood spoon is highly durable and can be taken on any expedition. You can use the leather loop to attach the spoon to your rucksack or belt or to hang it from a branch when cooking outdoors. The engraved Petromax dragon logo gives your olive wood spoon an individual touch and the grain of the wood is guaranteed to be unique.

How to care for your olive wood spoon
Only wash your spoon with gentle detergent and a little water. If you would like to give it a special treatment, rub the spoon down, apply some high-quality olive oil and let it dry. Also allow it to dry thoroughly after washing. Using your spoon with strongly coloured foods may discolour the wood.

Technical details
Material: olive wood with oil wax finish
Dimensions (approx.) (H x W x D): 2 x 22 x 4 cm
Dimensions with packaging (approx.): 2 x 22 x 4 cm
Weight (approx.): 33 g
Weight with packaging (approx.): 33 g
Filling quantity (max.): 6 ml


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