Petromax Skewer LS1 or LS2


There’s nothing better than sitting around a camp fire cooking food now you can do it with ease and without the risk of your food ending in an ashy grave.

Sitting together by the fire and roasting sausages, vegetables, bread and other bite-sized food on an “extended arm” with the Petromax Campfire Skewers ls1 and ls2. The length of both skewers is adjustable – ensuring sufficient safe distance to the fire at all times. The campfire skewers are easy to clean after use, for they are made of stainless steel. The handle of the skewers is made of high-quality beech wood and is handy and secure in the hand thanks to its fine ridges. Each package contains two skewers of either variant ls1 or ls2.

Diversity in the outdoor cuisine

The Campfire Skewers ls1 and ls2 differ from each other in their prongs. The two prongs of the Campfire Skewer ls1 are bent slightly upwards, so that grilled food remains in place, whereas the Campfire Skewer ls2 with its two completely bent prongs is particularly suitable for grilling with children. That way, the titbits can hardly slip or fall into the fire. A small hole in the handle’s end allows easy, space-saving storage of the Campfire Skewers ls1 and ls2.



Material: stainless steel, wood

Length maximum extended: 36.2 in (92 cm)



Material: stainless steel, wood

Length maximum extended: 35.8 in (91 cm)

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