Petromax Rocket Stove Portable Wood Burning Camp Stove

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The Petromax Rocket stove a great addition to any camp kitchen. Highly efficient and can burn all most anything from twigs to pine cones to get get awsome camp meal.

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The Petromax Rocket Stove rf33 effectively combines stack effect and wood boiler principle, thus achieving extremely efficient combustion of biomass thanks to an optimal air supply. The L-shaped design of the fuel support, combustion chamber and chimney vent are crucial.

Wood, pine cones and so on can be easily provided through the practical support so that the fire can be optimally regulated. In the combustion chamber, the heat is limited to a small space which is protected by the insulated body.

The heat escaping from the vent can thus be stored in the cast-iron top and used to cook. The Rocket Stove rf33 is an addition to an outdoor kitchen as a robust stove with economical combustion. It is sturdy, durable and easy to use thanks to its handles.


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