Petromax Hanging Fire Bowl for Cooking Tripod


Petromax Handing fire bowl perfect combination for your cooking tripod to cook great meals over an open fire. Tripod and chains not included

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In combination with the Petromax Cooking Tripod juicy results guaranteed: The Hanging Fire Bowl is simply and directly suspended on the hook of the Cooking Tripod via an eye rod and provides large space for meat, vegetables & co. Over the fire the steel bowl made in Germany quickly reaches the right temperature and is ready to use in no time. Following the principle of the Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowls the food juices are not lost but maintained to prepare especially juicy fillets or burger patties, fried potatoes and eggs as well as mixed, grilled vegetables in their own stock. Thanks to the different temperature zones, burger buns or prepared meat can be kept warm on the edge of the bowl while the meat is roasted in the centre. Via the chain the distance to the fire can be adjusted accurately and, thus, the Cooking Tripod with the Hanging Fire Bowl becomes a powerful outdoor cooking place for every occasion.


Tripod and chains not included



Petromax are a Germany company with over 100 years experience, producing some of the best Dutch ovens and cast skillets available. Passion: They love what we do. The experiences that are shared with them (via social media and emails) are their motivation. They want to keep developing Petromax in order to share with their clients, partners and friends that they most care about. Quality: It is PetroMax's philosophy to combine tradition and innovation. They rely on tried and tested sturdy materials to meet the customers quality standards as well as their own through innovative combinations. For them, this is what is important for all their develop: A product is a good one only when it is resistant, robust and durable. Tradition: Passing on what is good: That is what Max Graetz has done successfully with its creation of the worldwide known high-pressure lamp. Petromax has made a name for itself with a tradition of more than 100 years.