Petromax Dutch Oven Storage / Transport Bag (Various sizes)


Perfect for carrying or storage of your petromax Dutch Oven, Allowing ease of carrying with additional storage protecting your investment as well as making life a little bit easier.

The Petromax Dutch Ovens are an amazing way to cook when camping or practising bushcraft. The only issue being they can can

quite hard to store and transport. Until now! Petromax has released a full range of storage backs made from strong ripstop material along with being able

to store items in the dutch oven it also has a handy storage pouch for keeping smaller items organised.

Ref. Fits Diameter (approx.) Height (approx.)
ft-ta-xs ft1 18.5 cm 16 cm
ft-ta-s ft3 28 cm 17.5 cm
ft-ta-sm ft4.5 29.5 cm 19 cm
ft-ta-m ft6, ft9 40 cm 24 cm
ft-ta-xl ft12, ft18, Atago, tg3 45 cm  24 cm


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Our selection of Petromax products includes some of the very best outdoor cooking equipment out there. From high-quality enamel pans to durable cast-iron cookware and lots of cooking accessories, you'll find everything you need for a great outdoor cooking experience.

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