Petromax Atago Cooking Support


Petromax Atago Cooking Support is constructed from Stainless Steel great for holding your dutch ovens and skillets. Can also be used as a Trivet / Grate.

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The Cooking Support is the ideal addition for outdoor cooking adventures with the Petromax Atago. All Petromax Dutch Ovens and their lids, Skillets, Pans and Special Forms can be combined individually. That way, the variable cooking place is even more flexible. The Cooking Support is just inserted into the Atago from above and lies soundly on the edge. Solid material made of stainless steel makes the Cooking Support particularly durable. Thus, it carries brimmed Dutch Ovens and Fire Skillets, and the cooking tool becomes the strong base to truly work upcast- and wrought iron. The square opening in the centre provides sufficient room for the handle of the respective Dutch Oven Lid. That way, it can easily be used as a pan and individual cooking sessions are no longer a matter of the past.

 Remain flexible: The Cooking Support for more options on the way

Apart from its function as cooking unit, the Cooking Support is also perfectly suitable as heat-resistant coaster for hot cookware. In addition, it can be used for cooking directly over embers or open fire.


Our selection of Petromax products includes some of the very best outdoor cooking equipment out there. From high-quality enamel pans to durable cast-iron cookware and lots of cooking accessories, you'll find everything you need for a great outdoor cooking experience.

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