NGT Klone Bread – Large Artificial Bread Flake (10)


Been to a lake and found all the fish are on the surface eating? Now you no longer have to sacrifice your lunch with the NGT Klone bread it has no use-by date so can keep in your bag for that situation as a bonus this highly buoyant bait can be soaked in your favourite glug or goo to add additional attraction.

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This high-quality 3*3cm floating bread flake is ideal for surface fishing for carp, especially at longer distances.

Comes 10 in a pack


– Fake bread flakes for fishing with the crust
– Dimensions: approx. 3×3cm
– Floating
– Ideal on the surface or on a hair
– 10 pieces per pack
– Perfect for long distances
– Stays firmly on your hook
– Soak in your good or flavours to added attraction
– Unlimited shelf life
– Easy to treat with boilie needle, etc.


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