NGT Camo Bulk Spools of Line (Various Weights)


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NGT Fishing Tackle

When fishing in weedy waters, this line can make a big difference. In such an environment the line should be highly abrasion-resistant. NGT Camou is 8x more abrasion resistant than the average nylon line, making it the perfect choice!

  • 10lb / 4.5kg / 0.25mm  –  1870m per spool
  • 12lb / 5.4kg / 0.28mm  –  1490m per spool
  • 15lb / 6.8Kg / 0.30mm  –  1300m per spool
  • 18lb / 8.2Kg / 0.33mm  –  1070m per spool



NGT Fishing Tackle

10LB, 12LB, 15LB, 18LB