Neoprene Cocoon for Orignal / Mini lantern


Protect your  UCO  Original or mini lantern with the UCO Cocoon.

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Protect your investment with the UCO Cocoon.

It wraps your lantern in a sheath of impact-resistant neoprene and helps prevent scratches, dents and glass breakage during transport. It encases the lantern completely and, with no zippers or snaps, it slides on easily and provides ¼” of cushioning around the lantern.


  • Fits Original and Mini Candle Lanterns
  • Constructed from impact-resistant, 1/4″ neoprene.
  • Helps prevent glass breakage plus scratching and denting of the lantern.
  • Slides on easily.


Weight—Original/Mini: 1.6 oz. (45 g)



UCO stands for Utility, Comfort, and Originality. Founded in Redmond, WA in 1971, we bring 40 years of innovation and manufacturing expertise to the outdoor industry. Each of our products is designed with useful features that make your time outside safer and more comfortable. With products like the Original Candle Lantern that offer great functionality and simplicity or the Stormproof Matches that help you survive the elements, we have grown to become a leading brand in lighting and fire starting for your outdoor, home, and emergency preparedness needs.

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