Naturehike Waterproof Breathable Raincoat Black


Lightweight and breathable raincoat weighing in at just over 500g includes its own pouch.



  • Enhanced three in one multifunctional raincoat: suitable for hiking, picnic camping, outdoor travel, fishing in the wild, comfortable travel
  • Lotus leaf water representative: waterproof and pressed glue at the joint, 100% nylon, PU high permeability waterproof membrane, wear-resistant and clean.
  • Upgrade waterproof ≥ 10000mmH20, Technology moisture permeability ≥ 10000g / M² / 24HR(The above data is obtained by the GB/T 4744-2013 and T 12704.2-2009 testing methods. The product can be used as a raincoat in windy and rainy weather and has the moisture permeability and deodorization that raincoats do not!)
  • Technology breathable: the special fabric technology structure can block the invasion of wind and rain, at the same time, it can be one-way moisture permeability and perspiration


Name Three generations breathable poncho
About 507g(L)
100% Polyester
Storage size
24 × 28cm
Windproof, rainproof and breathable
Model size
Height: 167cm weight: 45kg  Size M for model
Height: 178cm weight: 65kg Size L for model



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