Naturehike Mini Portable Alcohol Outdoor Burner


The Lightweight and compact Naturehike alcohol burner Fits easy in your bag side pocket to produce quick and easy hot drinks and meals

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  • Your outdoor cooking helper, light and portable, has good bearing capacity, high combustion utilization rate
  • The body of the alcohol furnace is made of brass, which is durable
  • The support of the alcohol furnace is made of aluminium alloy, which is strong and light, only about 37g


  • Brand: Naturehike
  • Model:NH18L001-T
  • Net weight: about 37G bracket and 106G alcohol stove
  • Product Name: portable alcohol stove
  • Bearing capacity: About 5kg
  • Material: brass, aluminium alloy, stainless steel
  • Consumption: 60 min / 100 m 95% alcohol
  • Size: bracket 6.5 * 9.7cm alcohol furnace 4.6 * 7.4CM
  • Product features: home use, camping, etc
  • Fuel: 95% alcohol is recommended
  • Boiling time: about 9 minutes at 500ml level



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