Naturehike Camping Stainless Steel Folding Fire Rack


No more damage to the grass! This Fire rack enables the full benefits of a campfire without any damage to the ground.

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  • The 304 stainless steel bracket is cross-designed, stable and difficult to shake. It is fixed by four screws, which is very safe.
  • Compact mesh material, heat-resistant and not easy to deform, charcoal and logs can be used, and the baked ash will not fall to the ground.
  • Heat-resistant: Made of stainless steel special heat-resistant mesh material, it has a strong heat-receiving ability and is not easy to corrode.
  • Super load-bearing:The fuel rack has a super load-bearing capacity, bearing capacity up to 5 kg, strong and durable, and the structure is stable without shaking.
  • Practical: Just insert connecting buckle into holes, easy and convenient for use.Perfect for fishing, camping, picnics and hiking holidays etc. Outdoor camping is a must, which can meet your needs in different scenes and can be matched at will.


About 0.8kg
Packing size
About 5kg
304 stainless steel fire net + oxford cloth bag



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