MSR Trail Lite™ Solo Cook Set


Light and compact cook set engineered for solo backpackers.

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Designed for solo backpackers who want to keep the menu options open, the Trail Lite Solo Cook Set delivers the packing convenience of an all-in-one set. Perfect for pasta, soup and other one-pot meals, this light and compact set will keep you well-fed at camp, and moving quickly on the trail.
    • Light: 1.3 L pot handles basic cooking tasks with minimal weight.
    • Compact: Efficient, nesting design saves pack space.
    • Efficient: Hard-anodized aluminium spreads heat evenly for better cooking performance.
    • Includes: Includes: 1.3 L hard-anodized aluminium pot, clear strainer lid,* Insulated Mug,* DeepDish™ bowl,* folding Talon pot handle.



1.3 LTR

12.5 oz

0.36 kg

5.9 in

15.0 cm

4 in

10.2 cm

Aluminum / Plastic

Made in Thailand


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