Lock Laces 48″ Shoelaces (Various Colours)


One-size-fits-all. For kids, serious athletes, the elderly, individuals with special needs and adults. Each pair of high quality, utility and performance Lock Laces® contains two 48” elastic laces, two lock devices, and two cord clips and is suitable for lacing up one pair of shoes. Never tie your shoes again!

A great colour to add to any tying shoe to add a little style. Never tie your shoes again with this one-size-fits-all shoelace alternative. These high performance, quality and utility no tie shoelaces are perfect for the elderly, serious athletes, kids, adults and special needs. Each pair of Lock Laces contains two 48″ elastic laces, two lock devices and two cord clips and is suitable for lacing up one pair of shoes. Never tie shoes again!

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Lock Laces

Lock Laces® were born in 1997, when Eric Jackson, a track athlete, became frustrated with his shoelaces coming untied during races and decided to come up with a solution. One day, Eric went home after practice and fashioned the first pair of Lock Laces® out of two bungee cords and a two cord locks. When his friends kept asking him to make them a pair, he knew that his solution had retail potential. The next year, Eric filed for and obtained a patent, set up shop, and began selling Lock Laces®. In the beginning, he ran his company, Street Smart LLC, from his mother’s basement in Baltimore, MD. In 2011, Eric partnered with Frank Sutton and Positive Distribution LLC, and together they grew Lock Laces® into an international brand. Today, Frank and the team at Positive Distribution LLC are working hard to get Lock Laces® into the shoes of everyone that needs them!
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