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Kelly Kettle Trekker’ Kit (Stainless Steel)


The Kelly Kettle Trekker Kit is a complete one-person cooking set. Ideal for hiking, canoeing and camping. The Trekker works in all conditions and you can cook with it on firewood, dry grass, bark, pine cones, etc. It only takes about 3 minutes to boil 600 ml of water with this Kelly Kettle. All parts of the kit are made from stainless steel. This is strong and durable, and will not absorb odours or flavours.

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‘Trekker’ Kit …. for the Solo Camper!  Perfect for Trekking, Hill Walking, Backpacking, Scouts, Kayaking, Picnics or Emergency Preparedness & Bug-Out Bags. Boil Water & Cook Fast Outdoors.  This kit contains:

  • Trekker Kettle (0.6 liters), fire-base & green whistle.
  • Cook set – which includes 0.45ltr Pot
  • Frying Pan (pot lid)
  • 2 Piece Grill – place on the fire base to grill over the coals or, simply create a secure base for the Pot to sit on.
  • Gripper Handle.
  • Small Hobo Stove – turns the fire base into a stand-alone wood-fueled camp stove for easy cooking.
  • Pot/Fire-Base Support – use to either cook items over the chimney as the kettle boils, or use under the fire-base to prevent ground scorch to lawns, decking or picnic tables.
  • 1 x 350ml Camping Cup with silicone Coolip piece and folding handles.
  • Drawstring Storage Bag.

All items are stainless steel and fit neatly within the kettle/bag for transport/storage.
A popular Green Whistle lets you know when the water is boiled
Total Kit Weight 1.17 kg / 2.57 lb

Note: Plates & large cup are not included.  Prior to April ’21 we offered an ‘Ultimate Trekker kit’ where the large cup and two plates were included. However, as they did not pack neatly into the bag and had to be carried separately, we created this more compact, lighter-weight offer for the solo adventurer! 🙂

Kelly Kettle

kelly kettle logo web The world-famous 'Kelly Kettle' was born in Ireland, in the town of Castlebar, in 1879. The company started life as a small family business, and today it is still owned and run by the Kelly family. Now viewed as an essential piece of camping equipment, Wood To Water are proud stockists of a range of Kelly Kettles. The Kelly Kettle is a unique invention which boils water using only a small amount of fuel, making it the perfect choice for campers, hikers and adventurers who want to save space and weight in their packs. The kettle can be used on any type of fuel, including twigs, leaves, paper and even animal droppings, making it an environmentally friendly option. There are three types of Kelly Kettle available – the Base Camp Kettle, at 1.6 litres, making them ideal for groups, the Trekker Kettle, with a liquid capacity of 0.6 litres and is perfect for the solo camper; and the 'Scout' kettle which is well suited to smaller groups of two or three at 1.2 litres.
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