Heat2Eat Self Steamer Medium Red Camping Food Steamer inc 2x HeatStones


  • SELF-CONTAINED flameless food heating system. No fire, no electricity, no pans or plates required
  • SAFE TO USE INDOORS OR OUT. Heats using steam to preserve flavours. Steaming hot in 15-20 minutes. Heat provided by HeatStones, just add water. 2 Heatstones Provided
  • REUSABLE. The steamer can be used more than 5 times and comes complete with a divided heat tray (500g and 300g) that acts as both a pan and a plate. Comes complete with 2x HeatStones
  • HEAT camping meals, ready meals, tinned goods, fish & vegetables, part cooked rice & noodles etc
  • USE FOR Camping, Travel, Festivals, Emergencies, Blackouts and Road Trips

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The Heat2Eat Self Steamer is a fully self contained steamer that heats food anywhere. There is no need for fire, gas, electricity or even pans or plates. Just add water to the HeatStone and it heats up and steams your food in no time. It is safe to use indoors including inside a tent so you can heat up food out of the rain. The only output is heat.

  • 500g and 300g compartments in the food tray, big enough for 2 camping meals
  • Just add water
  • 2x 100g HeatStones included
  • Re-use 5 or more times
  • Recyclable plastic
  • Steaming hot meal in about 15-20 minutes

Please note that this product is a Self-Steamer and not a cooker, therefore it can only reheat pre-cooked meals, partially cooked meals and food that you can usually steam from raw, like vegetables and fish. This includes:

  • Ready Meals
  • Tinned Goods
  • Fish & Vegetables
  • Leftover Meals
  • Semi-cooked Rice & Noodles
  • Dehydrated Food
  • Foil Packed Wet Food

Perfect for use:

  • Camping
  • Festivals
  • Emergencies
  • Road trips

Heat2Eat Self Steamers

Heat2Eat Self-Steamer is a brand of H2E World Ltd. We are a small family-run business, formed in 2019, when we made a trip to China and found the amazing steamer that became Heat2Eat Self-Steamer. We have put a lot of work and thought into this product, and believe that you will enjoy many camping/trekking etc trips with our reliable ‘magic’ Self-Steamer. We are very excited to share this product with you and our aim is to constantly improve our products with the best customer service at heart!

heat2eat self steamer