Ghillie Kettle Cook set Small – Hard Anodized


Perfect add on to your Ghillie kettle Maverick or even used on other stoves. Compressing of 1x pan 1x fry pan 1x grill and pan grip to turn your storm cooker into a stove.

In stock

Small Cook Kit perfect for the Maverick. 

Comprising saucepan, frying pan, grill and pan grip. Everything you could need to make the perfect, outdoor meal.

All the above items can be stored within the base of the kettle, helping keep it a  compact piece of kit.

Does not include Pot support

We suggest Pot support and base stand as addtional extras

Ghillie Kettle Co

ghillie kettle co Handcrafted in the UK, the Ghillie Kettle is the perfect way to enjoy a hot drink in the great outdoors. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this kettle is built to last and features a unique design that is perfect for boiling water over an open fire.

Why Buy The Ghillie Kettle?

Each Ghillie kettle comes complete with a unique whistle. This makes for a safer product as you know exactly when the water is ready. Ghillie Kettles also have a much larger opening than most kettles, making them easier to fill and clean. Ideal for camping, hiking and fishing, Ghillie kettles can be used in even the harshest conditions. There is no need for gas or artificial fuel either - You can use twigs, fir cones, dry leaves and even newspaper to heat up your Ghillie Kettle! So why not ditch the instant coffee and make yourself a real cuppa in the great outdoors?
ghillie kettle co