Fire Maple Saturn Gas camping Stove


The Fire Maple Saturn Camping stove is an all in one with a remote gas line taking any standard gas canisters including Jetboil and MSR screw top design.  Complete with 2 preheat tubes and able to hold large 25-30cm diameter pots.

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Need Gas?

Jetboil 230g Jetpower fuel / Gas

Jetboil's Jetpower Fuel contains the ideal blend of gas for use with their range of Cooking Systems. Propane provides higher vapour pressure for better performance in cold weather and isobutane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low.

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The All-new Fire-maple Saturn gas stove.

Constructed from Stainless steel with aluminium alloy and copper producing a durable yet powerful camping stove.


Weight 1010g

Power: 4.4kw / 150000 BTU/h

Size: Unfolded 250x118mm Folded 180x92mm

Comes complete with carrying case

Gas not included


Fire Maple Gear

Fire Maple has been producing top-quality, budget-friendly camping and hiking cookware since 2003. Their products include lightweight gas stoves and complete cooking sets that make a fantastic addition to your outdoor gear collection.

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