Bushmen ULTRALIGHT Hammock Suspension System


  • Suitable for use with any hammocks
  • System Includes: 2 x PRO Whoopie Slings, 2 x Tree Huggers, 2 x ULTRALIGHT Karabiners
  • Weight:  160g

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Bushmen ULTRALIGHT Hammock Suspension System is a great addition to your hammock kit.  This suspension system consists of a complete set of Tree huggers, karabiners and PRO Whoopie Slings.

All together this system weighs just 160g and makes it easy to fasten your hammock between trees.  Use the two straps (designed to protect the trees bark) and easily levelyour hammock with the use of the PRO Whoopie Slings.

The entire set is connected on both sides with ULTRALIGHT karabiners.



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