Bushmen PRO Whoopie Slings (Various Colours)


  • Set contains:  A pair of PRO Whoopie slings, HANDY Pocket / s
  • Keeps your hammock level
  • Smart hooks on which to hang luggage
  • HANDY pocket for valuables
  • Length:  Adjustable from 90 to 300cm
  • Weight:  30g

Bushmen PRO Whoopie Slings are designed to allow you to perfectly level your hammock and give the desired shape.  The slings incorporate smart hooks from which to hang your luggage.  They are also equipped with a HANDY pocket for your valuables.

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Bushmen Travel Gear

Bushmen Travel Gear 1 A well-loved brand based in Poland that was launched in 2010, 'Bushmen' offers practical but beautifully crafted outdoor travel equipment. From the 'Bushbed' hammock to ultralight tarps and shelter accessories, the company's collections are both highly functional and stylish. Designed with the modern explorer in mind, Bushmen gear is perfect for those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

Bushbed Hammocks

If you seek a big strong, comfortable hammock - then you won't find anything better than a Bushbed hammock! They feature a unique mosquito net system that is easy to use wherever your travels take you. Build with quality in mind, Bushbed hammocks are portable, easy to set up and long-lasting. At Wood To Water, we stock a variety of colours, so there's sure to be a Bushbed hammock that's perfect for you!

Thermo Tarps

Another Bushmen revered shelter is the 'Thermo-tarp' which are well-received in the travel community. Offering thermal insulation, extremely packable and light - Thermo tarps are the pinnacle of ultralight tarps. Perfect for those who want to save weight on their travels, a Thermo tarp can make all the difference to a good night's sleep in the great outdoors!
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