BushBox Multi-functional Case (Various sizes)


Keep your bush box safe and secure as well as additional practical uses while out in the wild.

The ultralight Multifunctional Case is a sophisticated accessory for all outdoor fans. It stows your Bushbox safely, cleanly and space-saving in your backpack. But the slide-in module also offers a wide range of other possible uses:

• Use as a fireproof, dry surface to make feather sticks or scrape bark to start a fire. The ignited material can be slid directly from the case into your Bushbox.

• Snap your Bushbox into the matching recesses to use the Multifunctional Case as stable support. Practical also on uneven terrains such as sand or snow. At the same time, the case protects the ground from hot embers and possible fire residues.

• In your outdoor kitchen, the Multifunctional Case serves as a base for preparing meals or as a lid for your cookware.

Case only does not include bushbox

Additional information

Model for

Bushbox LF (Stainless steel), Bushbox LF (Titanium), Bushbox XL (Stainless steel), Bushbox XL (Titanium)

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bushcraft Bushcraft Essentials was founded in 2012 with the vision of providing basic, functional and high-quality equipment to the steadily growing Bushcraft movement and all people who enjoy nature. Bushcraft Essentials is a brand that prides itself on versatile, easy-to-use and highly efficient camping products. Whether you're hiking, canoeing or biking, a Bushbox from Bushcraft Essentials makes every adventure unique.

Bushbox Stoves

We are particularly dedicated to so-called hobo stoves or multi-fuel stoves. In this area, we have achieved a worldwide reputation with innovative products and outstanding quality "Made in Germany" in a very short time. Our stoves are in use on all continents and in over 80 countries. Our portable, multi-fuel stoves are versatile, easy to use and make you independent. With a variety of products to choose from – including the Bushbox, the X1 and the XL – there's something for everyone. Bushbox stoves are light and are characterized by minimal pack size, great versatility and high-quality workmanship. All stoves are produced exclusively in Germany and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. Surface refinements are deliberately avoided, as they are usually environmentally harmful. The use of plastic is also avoided as much as possible; the products are packed in paper packaging or cotton bags. All Bushcraft Essentials products are designed for versatility, stability and maximum durability. It is thanks to this fact that the products are also highly valued by people who depend on their reliability and who entrust their lives to them: Bushboxes have accompanied expeditions to the Arctic and deserts and are deployed to special units in several countries!