BCB Festival Survival Tin


Be festival ready with our Festival Survival Tin! Packed with life’s essentials, useful stuff for any festival. Fits neatly into your pocket or backpack.

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Contents: * Glow in the Dark Whistle, get raving and blow that whistle!
Foil Blanket, stay warm & look spaced out in the evening.
Mini Work Tool, super tool with bottle opener.
Ear Plugs, when you had enough & need to sleep.
Toothbrush, avoid the curse of bad breath.
Folding Spork, pocket size – 2-in-1 fork & spoon.
Teabag, it’ll never taste better after the night before!


BCB International

For over 160 years, BCB International has built up knowledge and expertise in developing life-saving and protective equipment for those operating hundreds and thousands of miles away, in challenging environments

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