3FULGEAR Lanshan 1 Pro 3 season tent – Green


Get the ultimate camping experience with the Lanshan 1 Pro Tent, designed for professional adventurers. This exceptional tent offers ample space and exceptional weather protection, ensuring a comfortable outdoor experience in any weather condition. The integrated inner tent and fly, accompanied by reinforced silicone-coated sides, enhance strength and durability.

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Gear Aid Seam Grip + Sil Silicone Tent Sealant ( Silnet ) 28g Tube

Seam sealing with Seam Grip SIL is the best way to keep moisture out when using a silnylon (silicone-nylon) tent. Previously known as SIL Net, this clear sealant dries to a flexible rubber that works on all silicone treated gear including nylon tarps and ultralight backpacks.

3F UL gear Lanshan 1 Tent

The Lanshan Pro 1 stands out as the top choice among 3F UL Gear’s ultralight tent collection. Crafted with a robust 20D Silnylon ripstop fabric, this 3-season tent provides an adequate 2000mm waterproof protection rating. With ample space for two occupants, the 3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 Pro Tent ensures comfortable sleep in almost any weather condition.

Designed specifically for experienced hikers and backpackers who prioritise minimising their gear, this tent impresses with its ultra-lightweight construction. Utilising 1x trekking poles for pitching effectively reduces the overall weight of your pack. When combined with the single-wall construction, you’re left with an ultra-lightweight tent that’s ideal for hiking and long expeditions.

  • Ultra lightweight pack
  • PU Rated to 2000m
  • Can be pitched with hiking poles
  • Made from super tear resistant Silnylon
  • Designated indoor space to store gear

This tent requires a single hiking pole to be pitched. Trekking poles are sold separately. Make sure you have an appropriate pole when using this tent.


Capacity 1 person
Waterproof Rating 2000mm
Fabric Weight 38g(m²) 1.15oz(yr²)
Fabric Tear Resistance 40-45N
Weight 690g
Accumulated Weight Stakes + Sack – 100g

Guyline – 11g

Footprint – 100g

Compression Sack – 36g

Total Dimensions 270*110*125cm
Packed Dimensions 34*15cm


  • Tent x 1
  • Stakes x 9
  • Compression sack x 1
  • Guyline x 4
  • Floor repair patch x 2


Size lanshan pro 1


Silnylon cannot be factory taped like PU Nylon due to its physical properties, it requires you to seal it outdoors with silicone.

Why would we use this fabric with seemingly obvious flaws in the more advanced Lanshan PRO?

It was a decision we made in terms of fabric aging time, tear strength. We think the places that professional hikers reached will be harsher and have stronger UV rays, which puts higher demands on the aging and strength of the fabric.

The aging performance of Silicon-PU Nylon in this data is based on our years of repairing tents in the Chinese market, including PU Nylon of brands such as MSR\BigAgnes\3FULGEAR, etc.

Since we haven’t repaired the aging SilNylon tent, the aging performance of SilNylon is based on feedback from our customers and users of backpackinglight.com

This data is derived from our experiment on one-way tearing of single-ply fabrics with incisions.

SilNylon will not be torn apart like paper under the force that exceeds its tearing strength. The slippy fibers will go together and lines up into a strong anti-tear force, and although the tent is damaged at this point, it will not collapse and can continue to provide protection for the user.

This data is derived from our test using the WX Air PowerPressure device, tested at 25 degrees Celsius. The video of the experiment is published on our Youtube channel.

The water proof that can effectively prevent raindrops piercing through is 1000-2000mm, which is why we try our best to make SilNylon to this value. The water resistance pressure of PU Nylon is far beyond the actual use requirement because we found in our study that only by increasing the thickness of PU layer to this value, it is possible for PU tent to reach 5 years of life.


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※ This product does not include support poles and footprint.

※ Two Guy-line have been tied to the tent.

This article shows how to seam sealing your Lanshan PRO tent.