Cooking & Drinking Equipment

Wood to Water offers the best essential camping accessories for all your outdoor needs. Explore our range of camping pots, pans, and utensils to ensure you’ve got all the best camping cooking equipment to make every camping trip as delicious as possible!

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Outdoor Camping Cooking Equipment

Cooking in the great outdoors is one of the most pleasurable parts of any camping trip. Things just taste different when you're eating outside. So, it's essential to make sure you have all the equipment you need to make delicious meals.

Our range of outdoor camping cooking equipment is ideal to help you make the most of camping food. From
camping stoves to fire starters, we've got you sorted for your next outdoor adventure.

Camping Cooking Essentials to Fuel Your Camping Trip

You can go on a camping trip without some cooking essentials! The JetBoil Flash Cooking System allows you to make food at lightning speed! If you've got a busy hiking schedule, this is an ideal piece of kit in place of a traditional camping stove.

For traditionalists, the
JetBoil Summit Skillet is the ideal addition to your camping stove to prepare eggs and other classic camping food.

Camping Accessories to Keep You Hydrated on Your Camping Adventure

Hydration is key to a successful outdoor adventure, and our range is full of products to keep your family going. The DD 2L Water Bladder is the perfect piece of camping equipment for serious hikers! Designed to fit in your backpack, you can just sip as you go.

To stay hydrated around camp, the
Kombat UK Aluminium Water Bottle and the Camelbak Pivot Bottle are both perfect additions to your camping kit.

Camping Cooking Gear to Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

Of course, camping cooking equipment can go far beyond the basics. At Wood to Water, we stock some outdoor cooking gear that brings a touch of luxury to your trip.

Petromax Loaf Pan with Lid allows you to bake loaves of bread for breakfast or make a delicious lasagna at your camp. For lower-effort delicious meals, the Petromax Toasty Sandwich Iron Maker is perfect for comforting outdoor adventures.

UST LED Fuel Free Lighter is ideal for making starting a fire easy as pie. Truly an outdoor revolution.

Shop our range of camping cooking essentials for your next outdoor adventure!


What’s the Easiest Way to Cook at a Campsite?
The easiest way to cook at a campsite is to bring your own camping stove. At Wood To Water, we have a range of gas, liquid fuel, and solid fuel stoves to help you prepare delicious food during your camping trips. Make sure the stove you bring aligns with campsite rules. Many campsites have rules about the size of stoves and how far off the ground they need to be.
How Can I Safely Pack Food for My Next Camping Trip?
To keep food safe, you need a decent cold source, like ice. But to keep the ice frozen and food cool, you need a cool box. There are plenty of cool boxes and cool bags to choose from, just make sure you buy one that stays cold for the duration of your trip.
What Camping Cooking Equipment is Essential for a Camping Trip?
For a successful camping trip, you need a means of boiling water, so a camping kettle is a must-have! Camping stoves follow in a close second so you can cook your food. Cool boxes, utensils, cutlery, and gas should all make it onto your list of campsite essentials.
Is it OK to Cook in a Tent?
Camping stoves and other camping cooking appliances should never be used inside a tent. Due to the fuel sources and the nature of fire, you’re at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if you cook inside your tent.

If you’re concerned about being able to cook in all weather conditions, you can invest in a tarp to shelter your camp kitchen. We also have some helpful hacks to improve your outdoor cooking experience.