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Our range of camping air pumps includes tools from top brands like Flextail and Highlander, offering a reliable and efficient way to inflate your camping mattress, sleeping bags or other gear you have on site. Various sizes and power outputs available.

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Efficient Camping Air Pumps

Our air pumps for camping offer an efficient and effective way of pumping your gear up to set up your site.

We stock top models from the likes of Flextail and Highlander, so you know that your purchase will have long-lasting quality and performance.

Inflate Air Beds, Mattresses, Kayaks & More

These camping pumps are an essential piece of kit for any camping trip.

Whether you’re looking to inflate air beds, sleeping bags, mattresses or even kayaks, we have a variety of sizes and power outputs available in our range.

Some of the devices can even be used to help start campfires, like the Flextail Tiny Air Pump. This nifty model fits conveniently into your pocket and can be used to inflate and deflate all your gear. It's a firm favourite with regular campers.

Rechargeable Air Pumps

All of the air pumps are rechargeable, so you can easily take them out and about with you.

Simply charge it up at home, or take a battery pack with you, and you’ll be ready to go wherever your camping trips take you.

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Can You Use an Electric Air Pump on a Tent?

Yes, you can use an electric air pump to infate air tents. Make sure you choose a pump with a high enough voltage and power output for your camping needs.

Which Electric Air Pump is Best?

Flextail air pumps are a popular choice amongst campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their mini air pump for camping - Flextail Tony Pump - is one of the best and most popular camping air pumps on the market.

What Can I Use an Electric Air Pump For?

An electric air pump can be used as a sleeping bag, mattress, kayak and air bed pump. Many models can also be used to start fires by increasing the flow of oxygen.

How Do I Choose a Portable Air Pump?

The first thing to consider is the size of the pump. If you're looking for a portable air pump, you'll want it to be small enough to easily transport around. Also think about the voltage and power output you'll need from the device.
If you're going to use it to inflate large items, like an air tent or kayak, then you'll need a higher power pump. A rechargeable option is also a good choice, so you can take it with you on the go.

Can an Air Pump Deflate Gear?

Not all, but many air pumps will also have a setting to deflate items. The Flextail Tiny Pump is a great example of an inflator and deflator that has a ton of multi-functional capabilities.