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Storage Bags For Camping

When it comes to outdoor adventures, organisation is key! With the right utility bag or pouch, you can make sure your essential gear is kept safe and within easy reach.

We have a wide selection of bags and pouches designed to keep everything organised whilst on your camping trip outdoors. Whether you need a small pouch for basic items or something larger and more robust for storing heavier items, we have you covered.

We offer products with unique attachments and tailored solutions, just like the Clip And Carry EDC Case! This handy case features grid-style silicone beaded straps and specialised clips to maximise your carrying space and free your pockets of overcrowding.


Browse our full range of utility bags and pouches for all your camping scenarios, and never worry about organisation again!


What’s the difference between a backpack and a utility pouch?

A backpack is a larger bag that’s typically used to carry heavier items. A utility pouch, on the other hand, is a smaller pouch designed for smaller items.

What are utility pouches for?

Utility pouches are designed to store and organise small items such as your phone, wallet, keys, tools, medical supplies and more. They’re really handy for camping trips and other outdoor activities to keep your belongings safe whilst you’re out and about.

Where can I find top-quality utility pouches?

At Wood To Water, you can find our specially designed collection of utility pouches and organiser bags from top camping brands!. Our range includes options for easier, hands-free carrying, as well as with unique, hard wearing straps for long-lasting safe carry cases for your valuables. Whatever you’re after, we’ve got it!

How do you use a utility pouch?

A utility pouch is an essential item for when you’re out and about. You can use it to store smaller items to keep them safe and close by while you’re out on your adventuring. For example, in a wilderness and survival situation, a utility pouch is great for ensuring your belongings are close to your person and safe in the case of emergencies.